Click to watch David Cole - China and the U.S.
Click to watch David Cole - China and the U.S.
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Need an office in China? Office suites, meeting rooms, virtual offices, network access

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CHINA: "Reality Check: Corporate Payment Trend and Sector Risk in China" report

CHINA: "Reality Check: Corporate Payment Trend and Sector Risk in China" report. 21-page report by Coface.

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Use animation and video to market your company's product capabilities.
CV Media successfully created an animated promotional piece for General Motor's new vehicle technologies. To see GM animated video, click here.

Use for sales, presentations, press releases, website, and more!

Want more information on how CV Media can assist you? To have someone contact you, please click here.

"Convert your media for play on iPods and PocketPCs!"
CVMedia is offering special pricing to members for encoding your company's video, powerpoint, etc. for play on handheld devices.

For more information or to have someone contact you, click here.

CV Media Services:

CVMedia converts video to DVD. Creation of custom menus listing multiple video selections. Allows instant access to any selection. Each DVD can hold up to 3 hours of media!

Print Graphics and Design
Offering unique design, layout, packaging and still photography options. Specializing in brochures, annual reports, invitations, posters and training booklets.

Live Meetings and Event Productions
Complete customized production, staging and set design services with technical expertise in audio, video and lighting. Complimenting your hotel or AV staff.

Web Site Design
One of a kind, unique and entertaining web site creations that incorporate streaming video clips, animation and graphics.all in Flash format!

Interactive CD-ROM/DVD & Web Based Training/Foreign Languages
Programming in a variety of user-friendly languages that allow viewers an enjoyable interactive experience, integrating video, graphics, text and animation. Available in 25 languages!

Pocket PDA Programming
Programming to Pocket PDA format for wireless and internet-less play in the field. Programs sized to fit smaller PDA screens. Integrating video, audio, graphics, text and 3D animation.

3D Animation and Digital Photography
Affordable "life-like" animations of logos, products, procedures, virtual tours, etc. Add production value to your project. Affordable digital photography with half-day rates!

Encoding, Duplication and Fulfillment
Conversion of any tape format to any digital format.CD-ROM, DVD or web enabled!

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