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Mr. Kevin B. Coon, International Partner

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Legal Practice

Regulatory and Compliance Law

Professional Legal Experience
Counsel, trusted and strategic adviser to corporate and not-for-profit organizations on human resource, regulatory and compliance issues with specific emphasis on;
o International Labour Standards;
o Corporate Social Responsibility
o Codes of Conduct;
o Human Rights;
o Occupational Health and Safety;
o Collective Bargaining;
o Executive Contracts and Compensation;
o Workplace Harassment;
o Positive Employee Relations
o Labour Relations;
o Workplace Privacy;
o Government Relations;
o Officers and Directors due diligence and fiduciary obligations;
o Workers Compensation

Assist with the interpretation, application and compliance with local and international labour, employment and regulatory laws and practices. Develop and implement compliance policies and practices within global and local organizations. Counsel, advise and train executives, managers and supervisors in due diligence, positive employee relations matters and best practices. Draft and design executive contracts related to duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits and related conditions of employment. Conduct workplace investigations, counseling and training related to Respect in the Workplace, Harassment and Human Rights, Health and Safety, Due Diligence and related matters. Representation and advocacy before various Courts, Coroners Inquest, Administrative Tribunals and Arbitrators. Representation to elected Politicians and Government officials in relation to regulatory, stakeholder and policy initiatives.


United Nations - International Labour Organization (ILO)

o Employer Representative on the Canadian Delegation to the 90th , 91st ,92nd, 93rd and 94th Sessions of the International Labour Organization’s International Labour Conference from 2002-2006 in Geneva, Switzerland.
o Selected to participate on the Committee, and a select Working Group, which considers the Application of International Labour Standards in member countries, from 2002-2006. In 2001 particpated on the Committee and drafting committee considering the Employment Relationship.
o Selected as a delegate on the Canadian Delegation at the Fifteenth American Regional Tri-Partite Meeting of ILO in Peru, December 2002. This meeting addressed issues related to the Director General’s Report on the “Social Dimensions of Globalization” and held sessions dealing with “Crisis and Globalization: Possible Answers”.
o Selected as an employer delgate to the ILO International Symposium for Employers’ Organizations, on “The Evolving Corporate Social Responsibility Debate”, September 2005, Geneva.

International Organization of Employers (IOE)
o Appointed to the Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility 2004. This Working Group is examining the current state of the CSR debate and making recommendations to the IOE.

Professional Experience

Legal and Professional Development

Baker & Mckenzie 1989, International Partner, Toronto, 1997
o Practice Group Leader, Regulatory and Compliance Law Group, 2005 to present, comprising seventeen professionals and eight support staff.
o Served as Professional Development and Recruitment Partner for the Toronto office from 1999 to 2002.
o Elected North American Representative on the Baker & McKenzie Global Knowledge and Professional Development Committee, 2002-2006. This Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee sets policy and practice for the over three thousand lawyers globally.

Government of Canada
· Special Assistant, Stakeholder and Community Relations, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 1983-84.
· Parliamentary Assistant, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, 1982-83.
· Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Special Constable, 1985.

Government of Ontario, Canada
· Senior Policy Advisor, Minister of Labour for Ontario, 1989-90.
o Advisor to the Minister on the development of labour policy, programs and legislation.

Education & Bar Admittance
· Bachelor of Laws, 1987.
· Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario Bar Admission 1989.

· B.A. Hons., International Relations & Economics, 1982.


· Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.
o Management Executive Program, Baker & McKenzie 2000

Selected Publications, Presentations & Articles
· “Globalization and the Convergence of CSR and Internatioanl Labour Standards” -Lecture, University of Ottawa Law School, March 2007.

· “Effective Collective Bargaining”, Seminar for the Canadian Manufacturing Association, January 2006.

· “Compliance and Directors Due Diligence”, advising the Annual Board of Directors Meeting of an Industry Association, April 2006

· “CSR, Marketing Tool or Way of Doing Business”, Tenth Annual Genral Counsel Quorum, October 27, 2005

· “Is CSR Just About Doing Good or is it Dood for Business?” Article, Inside Counsel Magazine, 2005 Annual Meeting Edition.

· “Trinational Conference on the Labour Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in North America – Multilateral Approaches to CSR, North American Agreement on Labour Co-operation”. March 2005.

· “Maintaining Positive Employee Relations in Ontario”, Ottawa New Car Dealers Association. March 2005.

· “North American Employment & Compensation Law Symposium”. Feb 2005.

· “Health & Safety Due Diligence & Bill C-45”, Kawartha Manufacturers Association. Jan. 2005.

· “Automotive Supply Group, Discrimination and Harassment in Ontario & Health & Safety Due Diligence”. Nov. 2004

· “Critical Labour & Employment Developments”, Executive Briefing. Nov. 2004

· “The Criminalization of Health & Safety and Protecting Your Assets”, Retail Council of Canada. Sept. 2004.

· “Executive Roundtable: What a Minority Liberal Government Means to Business”. July 2004.

· “Emergency Planning and Protocols.” General Counsel Forum. Toronto. Nov. 2003.

· “Looking Ahead: What an Ontario Liberal Government Means For Business.” Oct. 2003.

· “Stress in the Workplace and it’s Implications.” Industrial Accident Prevention Association Annual Conference. Apr. 2003.

· Article. “Hydro One Ruling Potent Union Tool.” Globe & Mail. Toronto. 23 Apr. 2002.

· “Directors And Officers-Protect Yourself And Your Company.” Meeting of Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers Association Of Canada (“MEMAC”). 10 Apr. 2002.

· Co-author. Understanding the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Canada Law Book. Toronto. 1999.

· Co-editor. On Strike, and How To Prevent Getting There. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

· “Sexual Harassment – Canada, Worldwide Guide to Termination, Employment Discrimination, and Workplace Harassment Laws.” Baker & McKenzie.

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· “The North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation and its Impact on Canada, How to Profit from NAFTA.” World Trade Publications. Fall 1994.

· “Canadian Labour Market and Labour Trends.” Global Payroll Management Conference. Aug. 1994.

· “Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario.” C.C.H. Seminar. Apr. 1994.

· Corporate Officers and Directors Due Diligence: Avoiding Health and Safety Liability. Insight Publications. May 1993.

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· Legal Editor. Hospital Merger Handbook. Ontario Ministry of Health. 1994.

· “Authority of Occupational Health & Safety Inspectors.” Canadian Institute. June 1993.

· “Legal Impact of Employment Equity on Internal Staffing and Recruitment.” Canadian Institute. May 1993.

· “Canadian Labour Law Legislative Update.” Canada Law Book. 1991-1993 - monthly column.

· “Meeting the Duty to Accommodate under the Human Rights Code.” Insight Publications. June 1992.

· “Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario.” Insight Publications. 1992.

· Co-author. “Kids in the Candy Store.” Occupational Health and Safety Magazine. Southam Publications. 1992.

· “Employment Equity in Ontario: Labour Market Trends; Obligations on Employers; and Enforcement.” Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario. 1991-1993.

· Provided training, presented seminars and workshops for the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Retail Council of Canada, Human Resources Personnel Association of Ontario, Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, Japanese Companies Personnel Association, Chambers of Commerce, Employers’ Council of Ontario, numerous Boards of Directors, and other industry and personnel associations.

· Guest lecturer of Administrative Studies at York University and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.